Christian, While You’ve Been Busy Bothering Gay People…

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m0411protest- Members of Westboro Baptist Church protested Drake Law School's same-sex marriage symposium Saturday morning and met a large counter-protest organized by Drake students. Sara Phelps, grandaughter to Pastor Fred Phelps, gets her message out during the event. Mary Chind/The Des Moines Register


I see how angry you are, how consumed you are, how relentless you are, how myopic you’ve grown, how bitter you’ve become—and it saddens me.

It grieves me deeply to see you doing what you’re doing; what you’ve been doing.

I’m not sure how you ended up thinking that this was somehow your most noble calling or what good you believe you’re accomplishing or exactly what your end game is, but I hope you hear me because I am telling you in respect and with compassion and in love:

You’re wasting daylight here.
You’re squandering precious breaths.
You’re fighting a battle that you can’t win and weren’t asked to win anyway.

Changing someone’s sexual orientation is simply not your business.
It’s out of your jurisdiction.
It’s way above your pay grade.
It’s far beyond your control.

And yet Christian, because there is so much that is within your control, here is some unsolicited, but hopefully useful advice for you with whatever precious, fleeting moments you have left on…

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A Day You’ve Never Been To (For Students Beginning The School Year)

A great way to look at the first day of school!

john pavlovitz


I’m not sure how you’re feeling today; probably that weird mix of great excitement bubbly energy and extreme nausea. You’ve probably got some new clothes, new school supplies, a new bestie, and maybe even a new attitude toward this year.

You also likely have some of the old stuff too; the same annoying fears, insecurities and worries that you usually carry around. It’s all the stuff that makes you uncomfortable and nervous and sad on days like this. You may feel like you’re the only one who feels this way, the only one who has this kind of internal storm, the only one who focuses on their flaws—but I promise you that you’re not.

And because I care about you, here are a few things you can and should do today as you begin this school year:


Relax and realize that no matter what this year brings, it will be great because…

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Fortunate Families Barred from 2015 World Meeting of Families

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Officials with the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families (WMF) decided a Catholic group which assists LGBT families is not welcome to exhibit at this gathering in Philadelphia, meaning LGBT-affirming voices are barred from all official capacities at the September meeting.

Fortunate Families (FF) which supports Catholic parents of LGBT people, received the final rejection notice earlier this week in a letter from Mary Beth Yount, the WMF director of content and programming.  Though sponsored by the Vatican, the event is being orchestrated and administered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

A series of posts on the FF blog, available here, details the correspondence between Yount and FF Board Member Deb Word. Yount explained the rejection:

“FF advocates for parental acceptance of LGBT children and adolescents in such a way that ‘acceptance’ requires that parents must show full acceptance of both the person and the entirety of every aspect of the…

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European Bishops Strategize for Positive LGBT Outcome at October’s Synod

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Cardinal Marx speaking at the 2014 Synod

Three of Europe’s top prelates gathered with colleagues in Rome earlier this week, reflecting on how they could implement more pastoral responses to contemporary family issues at the upcoming Synod of Bishops at the Vatican in October.

About fifty bishops and lay theologians gathered at the Pontifical Gregorian University for the closed day of study and reflection, invited by Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, Bishop Markus Büchel of St. Gallen, and Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseilles. The three are the respective episcopal conference presidents of Germany, Switzerland, and France. According to Catholic News Service, the purpose of the gathering was to:

” ‘enrich thinking about the biblical and theological foundations of the themes and clarify the issues at the heart of the current debates on marriage and family’ “

A statement from the Swiss bishops explained how this goal played out during the daylong meeting:

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Pope Francis Invited to Visit New York’s Homeless LGBT Youth

How sad to be thrown out for who you are

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Following an open letter published in the New York Times last spring, Carl Siciliano, an advocate for the homeless, again wrote to Pope Francis on behalf of the LGBT youth for whom he provides care.

Siciliano heads the Ali Forney Center in New York, a social service agency helps young LGBT people experiencing homelessness. Often, they end up on the street because religious parents’ rejection of them. This second letter repeats the invitation to dialogue, this time during the Pope Francis’ visit to New York in September.  He also encouraged the pope to reconsider the church’s teachings on homosexuality because of the harm they cause.  The Huffington Post reported that Siciliano wrote to the pontiff:

“My hope has been strengthened by learning that you will come to New York City this September as a prelude to your participation in the World Conference of Families. What a remarkable opportunity for your to…

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Pope Francis’ Palm Sunday homily

CNS Blog

VATICAN CITY — Here is the Vatican’s English translation of Pope Francis’ homily today at Palm Sunday Mass:

Pope Francis listens to the Gospel reading of the Passion. (CNS/Paul Haring) Pope Francis listens to the Gospel reading of the Passion. (CNS/Paul Haring)

At the heart of this celebration, which seems so festive, are the words we heard in the hymn of the Letter to the Philippians: “He humbled himself” (2:8). Jesus’ humiliation.

These words show us God’s way and the way of Christians: it is humility. A way which constantly amazes and disturbs us: we will never get used to a humble God!

Humility is above all God’s way: God humbles himself to walk with his people, to put up with their infidelity. This is clear when we read the Book of Exodus. How humiliating for the Lord to hear all that grumbling, all those complaints against Moses, but ultimately against him, their Father, who brought them out of slavery and was…

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New Marianist Booklet Helps Catholic Educators Discuss LGBT Issues with Youth

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blog marianist pictureA new resource to help Catholic educators discuss LGBT issues with students has been published by a committee of the Marianist community.

Addressing LGBT Issues With Youth:  A Resource for Educators is an 11-page PDF booklet which provides “strategies for assuring that our institutions and ministries promote understanding, respect and acceptance for all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation,” according to the LGBT Initiative page of the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative website.   The Collaborative describes itself as:

“a joint initiative of the Marianist Lay Network of North America, the Society of Mary (brothers and priests) and the Marianist Sisters. . . . It is a network that provides mutual support, resources, leadership for peace and justice, and links to other peace and justice groups.”

The document stresses the importance of creating safe space for LGBT students and provides a number of suggestions for educators can become “caring and supportive adults…

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